Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally the puppies

Here are the two moms: Annie is the smaller mom with the white chest. She had three pups. Sadie is the one with her tongue out and quite a big girl. The litters are only three days apart with Annie's pups born on January 3rd and Sadie's born on January 6th.

This is Lilly and she will be adopted by a librarian friend of ours. She is quite small and full of spunk.

This is the tiniest of all the babies. Her name is Sugar Pie and she is my heart. At almost six weeks old, she is no bigger than a mite. She eats like a horse, so I think she will just be smaller than her mom.

This is Jack. He will be living with us. We call him Jackaroo and JackAttack. He is very handsome.

This is the first of Sadie's puppies. Her name is Pippin and she is the runt of this large litter. She is unbelievably sweet and a tiny bit shy.

This is the smaller of the males. His name is Star. He has not yet been adopted, but I know that someone will love him.

This is Sir Snuffalump - he is very furry and quite the character. He is not yet adopted either. He is a big kisser and loves to rumble.

This is Daisy and she will be moving in with a good friend of ours who works at the library. I know she will love it there and we will still get to see her from time to time.

This is Peaches and she is a big girl with a heart of gold. She loves to run and play and kisses everyone. She does not have a permanent home yet, but I would not mind her living with us.

This is Lilly LuLu and she will be staying here with us. She captured our heart from the very first. She is also a furry big girl and might give her mom a run for the money when she gets bigger.

This is Rocco. He will be living with my son who delivered the litter of seven. Rocco, who looks like a very tiny Rottwiller was not breathing for some time when he was born and my son saved his life.

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