Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sad, sad glad, day

We found someone who loves chihuahuas and she is going to take all of our dogs except for Annie, Katie, and the four puppies from the January litter. We had to find a way to take our lives back, we will probably be moving to a different house and there were just too many. I am sad, sad, sad. But it is far better to give them to a woman who lives in the country with a large solarium who used to work as a vet tech and fell in love with the breed. Still, in a matter of minutes they will be gone, forever. Even the newest babies. I can hardly think. But I am glad we didn't have to take them to the pound, which would have been the most difficult penance for our irresponsibility. Thankfully four of the dogs have been spayed or least we did that. Did I mention that my heart is broken? Life is hard. I wonder when my time in the sun will come? I wonder if it ever will in this lifetime, maybe in heaven?

Week 322: Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Road trip :: Jacksonville

  2. Pool hall :: 9th Avenue Billiards

  3. Extraordinary :: Jack

  4. Jackson :: Hewitt

  5. Heartfelt :: Valerie

  6. Wet :: slip and slide

  7. Strangle :: that bitch

  8. .com :: my life

  9. Touched :: inspired

  10. Insipid :: vacuous

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Lord - more puppies Shhh!

Well, it seems that we have two more puppies. IzzyPants had two male puppies last night. Not sure if they were born last night or after midnight. Stephen monitored the whole situation and I was so tired, I went to sleep. All seem to be doing fine.
Here is the vow - no more puppies at the FlibbertyFlu house!

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